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Guest Feedback

Handling Overbooking Without Unduly Angering Guests

It happens – you realise you’ve overbooked your hotel, and a guest, or guests, will need to be walked. Whether a guest decided not to check out, or a room...

Tea Caddies (and the Tea that Goes in Them)

It’s one thing to keep the tea bags in your guest rooms updated. We’re assuming you do that -- remove all the ones with rips in the wrapper, get rid...

The Top Industry Changes for Hotels in 2018, Part Two

Major changes in an industry usually have to do with the customers of that industry changing, and that’s true for the hotel industry. Millennials approach work, travel and recreation differently...

The Top Industry Changes for Hotels in 2018: Part One

While predictions are to be taken with a grain of salt, it’s fun to see how the experts think our industry will continue changing in 2018. The influence of...

Hotel Room Clean Checklist Suggestions

We’re not going to tell you how to clean your hotel rooms, you can handle that. Here, we’re offering some housekeeping ideas that other hotels have found useful. From...

Hotel New Year’s Resolutions: Five Things to Start Doing

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. So many good intentions. And with the impulsivity of January well and truly over, it’s time to set some genuine resolutions in concrete. There are...

Should Your Hotel Use Online Reputation Management?

In these days of TripAdvisor, Yelp and other social media outlets, you as a hotelier have less control than ever before over your brand. It used to be that...

Spreading Christmas Cheer to Your Hotel Guests

Phew! The Christmas and New Year rush is done for another year. How did you fare? Try looking back over recent weeks – while it’s still fresh in your mind...

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