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  • Piwari Manuka Honey Conditioner 40ml (300)

Piwari Manuka Honey Conditioner 40ml(280

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Weight (kg) 9.20
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Piwari Manuka Honey Conditioner 40ml Tube with Flip Cap and Security Seal

Quick Overview

Like the idea of a FREE recycling program??

Our Beyond Skin Deep Amenities Recycling Program is available complimentary (yes FREE!) with this amenity line.

For more information and to sign up click HERE


1. (verb) to be beautiful. Word origin: Maori

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New Zealand made for the discerning traveller.

Piwari bathroom amenities are formulated using natural, indigenious ingredients sourced from the pristine lands of New Zealand. We have selected the finest ingredients nature has to offer such as Harakeke, Kumarahou and Manuka Honey, all rich in natural, benefical properties.

Recyclable, Biodegradable, Not tested on animals, Paraben free, GE Free and NZ Made; Piwari body care products are everything you need “to be beautiful”.

manuka honey
1. (noun) manuka, tea-tree, Leptospermum scoparium - a common native scrub bush with aromatic, prickly leaves and many small, white, pink or red flowers.

Unique to New Zealand and known for it’s scientifically-proven healing properties, Manuka Honey enriched skincare products with their antibacterial properties, oxygenates pores and draws out bacteria, working wonders with blemished skin and hair.

1. (noun) gumdiggers' soap, golden Tainui, kumarahou, Pomaderris kumeraho - a native shrub with alternating, blue-green leaves on top and undersides pale with protruding veins. Flowers are creamy yellow in large, fluffy clusters. The whole plant is covered in a soft mat of hair. Word origin: Maori

Kumarahou is a native plant found in the Northern part of New Zealand and used traditionally by Gum diggers and early settlers. The yellow flower, when crushed in the hand and mixed with water, produces a thick soapy lather (“gumdiggers soap”) with powerful soothing and healing agents to detoxify skin.

1. (noun) New Zealand flax, Phormium tenax - an important native plant with long, stiff, upright leaves and dull red flowers. Word origin: Maori

Used by the early Maori as a medicinal plant, Harakeke is a luxurious botanical moisturiser packed with linoleic acid, boosting the skins barrier layer and sealing in natural moisture.

Proud to support Beyond Skin Deep

The Piwari bathroom amenity program is proud to support the Beyond Skin Deep Recycling Program, collecting partially used soap bars and empty plastic tubes for reprocessing and donating to local charities. The reprocessed soap bars are distributed around New Zealand and the world via the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) New Zealand. Click HERE for more information on this wonderful program.