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Wall Mount Shower Dispensers

Bath & shower soap dispensers designed with aesthetics, functionality and ease of use in mind. European made, New Zealand made, you chose; we have a lockable wall mount bottle dispensing system to suit any décor, demographic and budget.

Bathroom Dispensers: Refillable vs Non-Refillable?

Tired of individual single-use amenities? Thinking about installing wall mount bathroom dispensers? Here are 6 things you should consider to help you with your decision. Read More >>

In this video and article we talk about refillable vs non-refillable dispensers and the often overlooked aspects of each. The question is; what is best for YOU and your hotel, motel, luxury lodge, hostel, resort, retirement village or aged care facility? 1. LABOUR: Refillable vs non-refillable - carefully consider the labour input required over the lifetime of the product. Both options likely require installation, so even stevens there, but what about thereafter? Refilling, topping up bottles, taking in and out of wall brackets. Or a empty bottle out, full bottle in non-refillable system. Consider the time and cost of labour and what this means for you. 2. WASTE: Both of the product INSIDE the dispenser, and the dispenser bottle or cartridge itself. What is it for both refillable and non-refillable dispensers. What is left in the bottle, how much is used, how much is discarded. How often is the bottle or cartridge changed out, how is it disposed of, do you have an efficient recycling program, is the level of waste acceptable. Don't let a 'zero waste' goal compromise product integrity or guest satisfaction. 3. SECURITY & INTEGRITY: Of both contents inside your dispenser and the bottle and bracket themselves. Probably the most important consideration of all, particularly in a post-COVID world, how secure is the dispenser, how securely is it fixed to the wall, could it be opened by someone with undesirable intent, what assurance does the next customer have that the dispenser is safe and hygienic, is theft a consideration. Refillable vs non-refillable, what works for you and best meets the needs and expectations of your customers? 4. COST-IN-USE: Not the purchase price! What is it over the lifetime of the dispenser, per occupied room night, per product. You'll need to consider the waste factor in your calculations if applicable. Refillable vs non fillable, in your facility, with your client base, in your environment; what is best? 5. SUPPORTING PRODUCTS: Are they required? Do you have the storage, the cash for the additional outlay, suitable handling facilities? One example is large drums for refilling bottles, another could be recycling bins for non-refillable bottles or cartridges. Refillable vs non-refillable; outside the system itself, what else is require to support? 6. CUSTOMER PERCEPTION & EXPECTATIONS: What do they expect from you, your hotel, the facility and your brand? Is a cost effective dispenser system something they expect from your hotel, or a system that is perhaps more focused around security and hygiene? How does it look in the eyes of your customer, consider both peace of mind and user-friendly aspects of the system. Refillable vs non-refillable; how do your customers perceive your investment? In closing; Beyond Skin Deep is a complimentary recycling program set up to collect and recycle your discarded/empty dispenser bottles and cartridges. In doing so, largely eliminates the waste concern normally associated with a non-refillable dispenser system. Find out more here - www.beyondskindeep.co.nz

The Magic Eraser.

Clean scuffs and stains from hard surfaces quickly and easily!

Go green, with Geneva Green amenities.

Geneva Green is characterized by its unique circular design approach. You can wash your hands, body and hair making a more conscious use of the products!

Distribution of soap to African families.

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and The Bible and Gospel Trust (BGT) have combined their efforts in helping missionaries to aid deprived families and children in Africa.

Beyond Skin Deep_Villa Maria

Karen Titulaer speaks about how Villa Maria use the plastic fence posts made from plastic amenity waste and other plastic waste by FuturePost.

Beyond Skin Deep_Open Arms

Sam Cassidy speaks about Open Arms and how Beyond Skin Deep donate the excess amenity liquids that are extracted from the waste tubes and bottles.

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Bella Koroheke speaks about Beyond Skin Deep and their recycling at the Ibis and Novotel Hotel Tainui.

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Kirsty Robertson speaks about Beyond Skin Deep and their plastic recycling.

Beyond Skin Deep_Future Post

Jerome Wenslick speaks about how FuturePost turn waste plastic into premium farm products for our farms and wineries.

Beyond Skin Deep Part II

Watch how you can turn your waste plastic into fencposts - and it's easy too! Sign up at beyondskindeep.co.nz

Electric 18 Ltr Floor Scrubber 14"

Take a look at our floor scrubber designed to address the question of size, yet with performance equal to bigger machines

The Power Brush!

Take cleaning from a chore to a pleasure with this amazing battery powered Power Brush.

Plastic Recycling!

Beyond Skin Deep have partnered with Future Post and are now turning waste amenity tubes and bottles into fence posts.

Beyond Skin Deep Update - It's been 10 months!

An update on our Beyond Skin Deep Soap Recycling program by Starline Group at 10 months.

The Soap Recycling Process | Beyond Skin Deep

The transformation from discarded waste to a lifesaving product.

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A short clip on our very own amenity range. Made in New Zealand for the discerning traveller. Visit piwari.co.nz for more.

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Recycle Your Waste Soap | Update with Brent

How much soap are you sending into landfill? How many uses do your soap bars get? Consider partnering with us under our venture, Beyond Skin Deep, and recycling your waste soap for distribution to those most in need.

Beyond Skin Deep

Watch how you can help those in need and dispose of your waste soap in an environmentally friendly way - and it's easy too! Sign up at beyondskindeep.co.nz

Company Profile

Watch the Starline company profile video and see how we can help your business run more efficiently in creating memorable guest experiences.

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Zac from Grand Mercure Hotel Auckland speaks about the business relationship and service Starline have provided him over the years. Thanks Zac!

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Michelle from Auckland Domain Lodge Cancer Society speaks about the business relationship and service Starline have provided her over the years. Thanks Michelle!

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Each year new trends occur throughout the accommodation industry as people are more connected than ever and they're able to share their experiences and preferences. Brent shares some emerging trends that look set for 2019. Get a coffee, sit down and plan for your course of action for 2019!

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Do you contract all or some of your housekeeping staff? Are you considering it to cut costs? Watch this quick customer care update with Owen Garton for a few considerations to take into account.

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Today Seth introduces our latest ebook - Improve Your Hotel and Motel's Guest Experience Tomorrow Morning at No Cost* (*or Very, Very Low). Click here to download the e-book.

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Owen has a message for you - call us today on 0800 277 225 or email sales@starlinegroup.co.nz. Let us help you deliver memorable guest experiences!

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